Gamma Pen

Gamma Pen providing an easy-to-use small hand-held tool with the capability of detection and localization of sentinel lymph nodes not only in breast cancer but also for some masculine types of cancers where detection of sentinel nodes is mandatory. This is a fully mobile system that works without any cables. This version is a combination of console and probe with a display so it does not need separated console, but it supports Bluetooth connection, so user has freedom to use its main display or connect it to a mobile or tablet for multiple displaying.

Gamma Pen Specifications:

Probe specifications:

–          Length: 23cm

–          Two type of tips: Small and large

–          Tip Diameter: 14 mm (Large), 9 mm (Small)

–          Tungsten Collimator

–          Crystal: CsI (Tl)

–          Weight: 170 gr

–          Adequate dimension

–          No disturbing cables

–          Recharge able battery

–          User- Friendly

–          Isotope selection option

–          Digital display.

–          Sound modulated with count rate

NEMA-NU3 standard test results:

·         Sensitivity: ~3K cps/MBq @ 3 cm

·         Shielding Efficiency: 99.6 % for Tc-99m

·         Energy Resolution: <11% FWHM for Tc-99m

·         Angular resolution: between 65° to 85°

·         Local Resolution: <40 mm FWHM at 5 cm distance (For Large Probe)

Course name: Skills course for guard lymph node diagnosis in cancer surgery using gamma probe technology