RoboLensBedside: Sina Laparoscopic Surgery Assistant Robot

This robot act as the third hand of surgeon in laparoscopic surgery. This is responsible for carrying and maneuvering the laparoscopic camera and imaging during laparoscopic surgery. This robot can be controlled and guided with foot pedals, voice commands and intelligent tracking of surgical instruments without the need for a surgeon’s command, and allows a surgeon to perform laparoscopic surgeries individually. In routine laparoscopic surgery, an assistant surgeon is responsible for this task.


·         Smooth 6 direction movement 

·         Stable view with no unwanted movement or vibration 

·         Reducing the surgery time to less than half 

·         Reduction of the supernumerary staff 

·         Preparation for surgery in less than 100 second 

·         No contact with other surgery devices and surgeon’s hands 

·         Portable between different operation rooms 

·         Sterilizable and detachable arm and end effector 

·         Autoclavable end effector clamp 

Course name: Individual laparoscopic surgery skills training courses using a surgeon assistant robot